Service Coordination for the Elderly and Disabled Residents
The Resident Services Department has Service Coordinators staff available to assist the elderly and disabled residents in targeted elderly high rise communities. The purpose of this grant is to help this population to age in place gracefully. These services include case management services to assist them with their daily activities of living skills, social networks, recreational and health services.

Service Coordinators are primarily responsible for providing educational programs and services that will help them to improve their quality of life. Also, they may include assisting with arranging transportation for medical appointments, linking them to resources in the community to help them to meet their basic needs, and advocating for them when they are experiencing issues with obtaining services.

Centennial Towers ( 230 E. 1st Street)
Service Coordinator
(904) 632-1928

Hogan Creek (1320 Broad Street)
Service Coordinator:
(904) 630-3843

Twin Towers (West 44th Street)
Service Coordinator:
(904) 766-2101

Brentwood Lake (Faith Building- 761 Village Center Drive)
Service Coordinator
(904) 356-9373


Jacksonville Housing Authority
1300 N Broad Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 630-3810

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