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William L. Biggs Resume

For a printable version of the Resume (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

William L. Biggs

Personal Objective
Dynamic and results-oriented leader with a track record of performance. Using interpersonal skills, legal analysis, analytical ability, and a team approach to organizational improvements, has been able to resolve complex issues - human capital, financial, and operational to motivate staff to achieve optimal organizational performance.

Professional Experience

Director of Affordable Housing
July 2015 - present
40 hours/week

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency
701 South Sixth Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Summary of Accomplishments:

  • Since 2016, implemented cost controls that annually improved performance of property operations resulting in annual increase in net operating income averaging $6.3M;
  • Completed portfolio RAD conversion without a consultant from July 2016 - April 2019;
  • Established the "MDHA University" to assist leasing and maintenance staff achieve the training necessary to provide exceptional customer service;
  • Established a LIHTC and Project Based Section Eight compliance team;
  • Established a REAC "tiger team" to remedy deficiencies noted during mock REAC inspections conducted annually;
  • Demolished 164 units of former Public Housing using authority granted during the RAD financing plan approval process;
  • Successfully marketing and leasing mixed-income communities with subsidized, work-force, and market-rate units;
  • Part of the development team that as of Feb 2020 has $250M of construction in progress and $80M planned to break ground in calendar year 2020;
  • Part of team that successfully obtained 9% low income housing tax credit allocations for five consecutive years (2015 - 2019 - additional 9% innovative award 2018); and
  • Currently seeking HUD approval to recapture 50 Fair Cloth Amendment unit to bring new subsidized units to our community.
  • Developed Memorandum Of Understanding to partner with local Police precincts to directly fund walking patrols and non-enforcement community engagement police interactions. From June 2017 - Jan 2020 resulted in 40% decrease in crime at our largest housing community and zero homicides in two years.
  • Investment of $7.02M for installation of over 1,950 cameras to equip all properties with electronic surveillance equipment.

Serve as a member of the Senior Executive staff as a direct report to the Executive Director. The Affordable Housing Division is the Agency's largest business unit. I lead a staff of ten direct reports, and a Division of 200 full-time employees which comprises two-thirds of Agency employees. I am responsible for all aspects of selecting, training, evaluating, and professional development of Division staff. I conduct disciplinary conferences and investigations into staff allegations of misconduct or failure to perform duties, write findings of fact, and determine the appropriate personnel action for any violation of the Agency personnel policy.

I manage an annual departmental budget in excess of $50M dollars. I oversee the operation, maintenance, and management of a very diverse housing portfolio which included: 20 traditional former public housing properties (5,469 units, 603 include mixed income financing with Low-Income Housing tax credits (LIHTC), and 15 HOME assisted units) - newly converted under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program - Project Based Section Eight.

Recent construction/development activity includes: Barrett Manor - 70 unit midrise constructed using PIH Replacement Housing Factor Funds - completed August 2017 (RAD converted); Kirkpatrick Park - 94 units of mixed income (subsidized, work-force, market rate), financed with a HUD insured 221(D)(4) loan - completion August 2019 (currently 100% leased); Boscobel I - 94 units of mixed income, LIHTC, Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC), and State Housing Finance Trust Funds (THDA) - estimated completion Jan 2020, Boscobel II - 102 units (midrise and townhouses), financed with LIHTC, CITC, and THDA Housing Trust Funds, estimated completion Apr 2020; Boscobel III - 101 units midrise and townhouses financed with LIHTC, CITC, and THDA Trust Funds, ground breaking August 20, 2019, estimated completion Jan 2021; Curb Victory Hall - 39 unit midrise intended to serve US Military veterans
experiencing homelessness, financed with Innovative 9% LIHTC, Music Executive $500k donation, Local Developer $500k donation, constructed on land leased from Veteran support organization. No Housing Authority equity invested in the development - estimated completion March 2021; The Agency was a standard performer when I accepted the role to lead the Affordable Housing team, and in FY 2016 the Agency was able to achieve a high performer designation with a PHAS score of 93. The high performer designation will remain in perpetuity as we converted all existing public housing unit using RAD.

In my first full year as Division Director, I developed both a mission and vision for the Affordable Housing Division. The first area ripe for improvement was our financial performance. Our Public Housing Division didn't operate with business principles of cost accountability. I challenged site staff to control expenses, implemented monthly budget variance calls, and modified the Division's credit card policy and decreased the overall number of cards. The result was a $2.2M decrease in operating and maintenance expense for FYE 09/30/2016 and an $8.6M net operating income. This dramatic improvement in financial performance allowed the organization to retire the $4.7M energy performance contract debt, and still exceed the projected NOI of $3.5M for the year. I also implemented other cost saving strategies: such as creating a groundskeeper position to keep our skilled maintenance mechanics from spending as much time picking up trash on the campus. I also challenged our maintenance team to reduce the number of repeat calls for service, and to reduce our unit turn times. I manage the ROSS social services and family self-sufficiency programs, I reset the Affordable Housing Division's performance evaluation period to align with the Agency's fiscal year so all staff are evaluated for the same period. In first quarter of fiscal year 2018, we will procure a new performance evaluation system to automate the performance evaluation for the Division's 200 employees - this will result in significant savings of money and staff resources by eliminating paper evaluations. In the first quarter of 2017, we stopped leasing maintenance uniforms, and purchased uniforms through a local vendor with an annual allowance for replacement - this change resulted in a cost savings of $30,000 - $40,000 annually. In FY 2016, we were awarded both a $500,000 Choice Neighborhood planning grant, and a $2.6M JobsPlus grant. Our team is responsible for implementation and compliance with these grants, and I maintain an outstanding relationship with our Local HUD PIH and FPM Field Office staff. The most innovative change during this first year was the partnership formed with Sanderling Renal Services. Initial discussions began as a wish over lunch, and developed into a dialysis clinic in a non-residential building at one of our traditional public housing sites. The dialysis clinic will serve residents in need of dialysis services, and the memorandum of understanding also provides that the dialysis clinic will serve as a resident training program. With traditional classroom training and six months of clinical experience, the clinic manager can certify the training program participants eligible to test to become nationally qualified as a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT).

Our Agency's RAD portfolio award is the third largest portfolio conversion in the nation. I led the Agency and the Affordable Housing Division through the most significant organizational change in its almost 80 year history: conversion from traditional public housing to HUD's project based section eight through the RAD program. The transition will impact the entire Agency because it will require changes to all major systems (finance/accounting, housing program rules, Information Technology system changes, affordable housing software, etc.), but also because it will require a changed mindset. I am leading the organizational culture shift away from the old MDHA housing paradigm to conventional property management. Property management staff are being equipped to make budget based management decisions, to be more conscious of property operational expenses, and to focus on operating each property as an individually managed business with the property manager responsible for the annual cash flow. Next year once we are fully funded through RAD, I expect revenue from management fees and operational efficiencies to annually exceed $7M - $8M in unrestricted cash revenue to the Agency.

General Counsel
June 2014 - July 2015
40 hours/week

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency
701 South Sixth Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Served as a senior advisor to the Executive Director in all matters affecting the Agency. Represented or supervised the representation of the Agency in all legal matters, and was responsible for all legal and litigation services. Assessed programs to prevent or minimize liability and risk to the Agency. Coordinated and managed the activities of outside Counsel. Coordinated legislative affairs for the Agency. Instituted operational changes to standardize processes within the legal division to ensure due process rights of all residents are protected. Reviewed program contracts for content and legality, prepared and approved board resolutions, and prepared legal instruments for recordation. Interpreted laws, regulations, Court decisions, and prepared advisory opinions for the Executive Director. Responded weekly to Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Management and staff inquiries related to policy, procedures, or interpretation of program guidelines. Reviewed all requests for records pursuant to Tennessee's Open Records laws. Served as legal consultant to all administrative departments of the Agency, and coordinated activities to detect and deter waste, fraud, corruption, abuse of power and other illegal activities within the agency. Filed approximately 100 detainer warrants for possession monthly in General Sessions Court. Negotiated settlement or substituted Counsel for all private pending cases prior to my selection as General Counsel. Drafted and filed motions, issued subpoenas, drafted and reviewed briefs and discovery documents, and advocated the Agency position at trial in Circuit, Bankruptcy, and conducted direct and cross examination of witnesses. Increased legal division revenue over $60,000 per year, and substantially reduced organizational expense for contract legal services.

Principal Attorney
Nov 2007 - present
30 hours/week

Biggs Law Firm 
2245 Rosa Parks Blvd, Suite 280454
Nashville, TN 37228

Principal Attorney at boutique law firm specializing in the representation and advising clients of their rights and duties in the following areas: labor and employment, personal injury, administrative law, wills and estates, and federal labor union negotiations. Routinely prepare briefs, pleadings, interrogatories, depositions, witness preparation for trial, negotiate settlement agreements, and client advocacy in state tribunals. Admitted to practice in all State Courts in Tennessee and the U.S. District Court of Tennessee Middle District.

Project Manager
May 2004 - June 2014
40 hours/week

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 
235 Cumberland Bend Drive, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37228

Served as Funding Coordinator for the Nashville Multifamily Program Center. Reviewed and approved all contract renewal requests for a staff of 12 Project Managers, and was responsible for ensuring in excess of $8 Million dollars per month in section 8 funds were properly disbursed to approximately 300 owners of section 8 communities. Personally managed a portfolio of approximately 65 privately owned project based section 8 communities. Reviewed the annual audited financial statements from each property to determine if any section 8 funds were misappropriated, conducted annual management and occupancy reviews for compliance with HUD section 8 program guidelines, annually selected to serve as a member of the annual compliance team to assess the activities of the performance based contract administrator, and completed funding reports on a monthly and quarterly basis. Using knowledge of Code of Federal Regulations, HUD handbooks, commercial real estate management practices, and mortgage loan servicing rules, I was responsible for assuring the physical integrity and financial viability of HUD insured, subsidized, and un-subsidized loans in my portfolio. Assessed overall risk of claim each property presented to minimize risk of loss via claims against the HUD insurance fund.


Doctor of Jurisprudence
Nashville School of Law - (class standing 38/131, top 30%)
Tennessee State Supreme Court; Admitted to practice
Nashville, Tennessee

Master of Science, Agricultural Sciences
Tennessee State University
Nashville, Tennessee

Bachelor of Science - Biology
Tennessee State University
Nashville, Tennessee


  • Rutgers University, Center for Government Services, Public Housing Executive Director's Education Program, 09/15 - 09/2016
  • Leadership Nashville, Class of 2016
  • National Center for Housing Management, Certified Public Housing Management - 02/2015
  • National Development Council - Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) - 05/2014
  • National Center for Housing Management, Certified Blended Occupancy Specialist - 11/2013 (S-8/LIHTC/Home)
  • Quadel, Certified Section 8 Occupancy Specialist - 2010, 2004
  • Admission U.S. District Court Tennessee Middle District - 10/2009
  • HUD Financial Assessment Sub System Training - 2009, 2004
  • THDA, Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance Training - 6/2008
  • Tennessee Law License - 10/2007
  • Young Leaders Council - class 39
  • HUD Asset Management Risk Management Training (St. Louis, MO) - 2006
  • HUD Contract Funding Training (Washington, DC) - 2005