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SAFMR Voucher Instructions

JH was mandated to use SAFMR on April 1, 2018. Each year the SAFMR payment standards are updated based on the current FMRs.

Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMR) The following is a step‐by‐step guide for Landlords/Property Managers participating in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

  • The JH will issue vouchers using the current SAFMR payment standards to new participants and current participants wishing to move.
    *The Payment Standards will be based on the Zip Code the participant wishes to reside.
  • The only change with the SAFMR program will be a
    new voucher sheet with approved "Rent to Look for"
    amounts by zip code.

Participant is Issued a Voucher

  • If the participant is new to the HCV
    program or is a current voucher holder and
    wishes to relocate, he/she will be issued a
    voucher package.
  • Beginning April 1, 2018, the voucher sheet
    that the voucher holder will present to the
    landlord will have zip codes listed and the max
    rent to look for listed in the next column.

SAFMR Voucher Sheet
The SAFMR Voucher Sheet will include:

  1. Name of Participant (Head of Household)
  2. Number of bedrooms for which Participant is
    eligible. (Note: As the voucher formula has changed,
    Max Rent is the same for all bedroom sizes listed)
  3. Estimated Family Rent Responsibility
    (Participant's Portion)
  4. List of all zip codes with the Maximum Contract
    Rent the tenant can look for.
  5. Signature and date line for Participant

Finding the Rent for your Unit
When the Landlord reviews the Voucher Sheet:

  • Look at the eligible bedroom size (B) to confirm Participant
    qualifies for your unit. Confirm the voucher is still active
    and has not expired.
  • Find the zip code (D) for your unit. To the right of the zip
    code is the Max Contract rent the Participant can pay.
  • If the unit rent is equal to or less than the Max Contract
    Rent for the zip code, complete the remaining Voucher
    package & give to the Participant, or return to JH.

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