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30th Anniversary: 1994

Page 1 of 30th Anniversary Flyer. All information from this flyer is listed below. Page 2 of 30th Anniversary Flyer. All information from this flyer is listed below.

Celebrating 30 Years of Rich History

One Agency - One Community - One Mission

Our Beginnings: 1994
In September 1994, the Mayor and City Council of Jacksonville established the Jacksonville Housing Authority (today's Jacksonville Housing) to fill the need for a more effective and community-focused public housing agency.

Prior to the establishment of the Jacksonville Housing Authority, Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) were managed by the City of Jacksonville in conjunction with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (City HUD).

In 1993, Federal Inspectors reported that 95% of the city-owned HUD units failed basic tests for decent housing. In December 1993, a special housing committee was formed by Mayor Ed Austin. As a result of the special committee's report, a resolution was issued calling for the creation of an independent housing authority. Ronnie Ferguson was asked to head the agency as President & CEO. In 1994, an independent Board was established, headed by David Hicks, to get the agency off HUD's troubled list.

Overseeing operations for the newly established housing authority was a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of seven members appointed by the Mayor, and eleven Advisory members.
Since its creation in 1994, important progress has been made toward achieving Jacksonville Housing's mission to provide safe, clean, affordable housing and effective social services to low- and moderate-income families and residents of Jacksonville.

Today, Jacksonville Housing operates 2,881 public housing units and manages 7,868 HCV (Housing Choice Vouchers) for area landlords.

Be on the lookout for the 2nd installment of our 4-part series:
Jacksonville Housing: OUR HISTORY: 1995-2004

Acting President/CEO
Vanessa Dunn

Board of Commissioners:
Heather Horovitz - Chair
Hank Rogers - Vice Chair
Harriet Brock - Secretary
Andrea Reyes - Commissioner
Lisa Strange Weatherby - Commissioner
Serving the City of Jacksonville & Duval County

1300 N Broad Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 •
Equal Housing Opportunity Provider & ADA Accessible

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