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30th Anniversary: 1995-2004

Page 1 of 30th Anniversary Flyer. All information from this flyer is listed below. Page 2 of 30th Anniversary Flyer. All information from this flyer is listed below.

Celebrating 30 Years of Rich History

One Agency - One Community - One Mission

Our History: 1995-2004
Significant progress was made in Jacksonville Housing Authority's first year in operation. President and CEO, Ronald Ferguson, restructured the agency, hired effective property managers, and tightened operations resulting in a dramatic improvement in HUD scores and removal of the agency from HUD's troubled list in April 1995.

1995 - The demolition of Old Blodgett public housing site and construction of New Blodgett began. The conditions in Old Blodgett had steadily declined through the 1970s and 1980s. In a property exchange with the state of Florida coupled with a state grant of $21 million, the city was able to construct the New Blodgett housing complex, Blodgett Villas.

1996 - Public Housing improvement continued with the city's oldest public housing complex, Durkeeville. A $21.5 million federal grant was awarded to rebuild the housing facility. Construction phases of this project continued until completion in 2000, and included the development of several multi-family units, as well as The Oaks at Durkeeville commercial/retail complex.

2002 - To help bridge a $790,000 gap in federal funding and to generate rental income to support Public Housing programs, Jacksonville Housing purchased the Gregory West Apartments. This acquisition helped provide the agency with new revenue sources.

2003 - The agency began plans to rebuild Brentwood Park. The city's oldest and largest housing complex was slated for complete redevelopment. The project was funded through a $20 million federal grant and included demolition of 594 apartment units and construction of 325 new apartments, plus development of 96 single-family homes.

Jacksonville Housing Authority accomplished pivotal milestones during its first decade as an agency, clearing the way for future progress.

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Acting President/CEO
Vanessa Dunn

Board of Commissioners:
Heather Horovitz - Chair
Hank Rogers - Vice Chair
Harriet Brock - Secretary
Andrea Reyes - Commissioner
Lisa Strange Weatherby - Commissioner
Serving the City of Jacksonville & Duval County

1300 N Broad Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 •
Equal Housing Opportunity Provider & ADA Accessible

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